Brand Story

Lifetrons originated in 2004 in St. Gallen, which is near Constance Lake, the valley of Steiner, Switzerland. The concept of Lifetrons is to provide comfortable and high-quality travel experience for travellers. This exquisite and beautiful travel boutiques are designed by Switzerland designers originally.
Lifetrons is a combination of two English characters, life and trons, which means that the innovative elements (trons) are perfectly integrated into life. Lifetrons has developed from a consumer electronic product into a high-quality life boutiques, which is technology oriented, including:

•FUIT(Free using integrate technolog) series product:this series of products have many interchangeable functional heads.all of them can be integrated with the common existing products in life, and become a new concept product that can be used quickly and conveniently.

•Health is real beauty. Lifetrons' pursuit is the eternal beauty based on health.

•Travel 3C: Life is travel and relaxing travel is your ultimate feast for life. •Take Lifetrons with you for delicately journeys and experience a better life.

l Environmental-friendly and product safety: food grade SUS 304 stainless steel is used for the contact parts of Lifetrons products with human body, so as to eliminate the toxic substances that may be brought by electroplating process; for the body part, the new automatic UV spray painting process is used, such as the enamel layer on the teeth, so that customers can not directly contact with the spray painting surface when using the product.

Lifetrons inherits the strict requirements of Swiss people for high-quality manufacturing and their insistence on life taste. We have been striving for high-quality boutiques, and continue working in the travel retail industry. At present, Lifetrons has become an internationally renowned boutique brand,With the continuous expansion of sales channels, the sales channels we developed include duty-free channels, department stores, 3C retail channels, consumer goods channels, high-end gift channels and more than 20 world-famous online platforms.
Lifetrons is looking forward to your participation in the future. For more product details, please contact Lifetrons global site and sales channels!

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