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This product is guaranteed for 12 months. If during the warranty period, the product needs to be maintained or replaced due to defects in design, material or process under normal use and service conditions, but excluding natural disasters and man-made instrument damage, we will decide on the following terms:

1. The original invoice or sales receipt with the date of purchase is presented with the defective unit.
2. Lifetrons will not compensate you for the loss of data. Please backup the data first.
3. If you need to repair this product, you must present the original purchase certificate provided by Lifetrons authorized distributor for the purchaser. Lifetrons reserves the right to refuse the warranty if the warranty is replaced or altered after the purchase of this product.
4. The warranty does not cover product failures which have been caused by use of accessories or other peripheral devices which are not Lifetrons branded original accessories intended for use with the product. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or accidental breakage.
5. The warranty does not cover any failures caused by modification, repair or disassembly by any unauthorized person.
6. Any defective units or parts shall become property of the manufacturer.

Additional Terms
1.Failure and damage caused by improper use which is not according to the product instructions manual or according to the instructions;
2.The original serial number of the product is marked with alteration, replacement or tear marks or the product has no serial number;
3.Misuse, brutal use, accident, improper operation or storage, dampness, unauthorized modification or repair of the product, incorrect installation, incorrect connection voltage, excessive external or electrical damage, user's own error, failure to operate in accordance with instructions manual or any other non-Party A's fault

The operations as above, which cause product failure and damage don't fall within the scope of warranty.

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